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Technology does not have to be complicated. Smart Automation’s easy to use home cinema systems are the pinnacle of home entertainment, delivering a one of a kind entertainment and automation experience. With Smart Automation you can enjoy your favorite films in style, right in the comfort of your own home.

What is home cinema?

Think of your new home cinema as an enduring high-quality audio and video installation, not the lightweight speakers you’ll find bundled with a TV screen. Using proven pro-cinema technologies home cinema transports the excitement of the big screen experience to your home. More than that, Smart Automation will work with you to customise the system according to your taste, budget and environment. In this way the performance of home cinema is more powerfully focussed than any commercial installation, as unique and personal as your home itself. The definitive home cinema experience involves a big specialised projection screen and projector, together with a multi-channel surround sound system, which supplies an enveloping sound stage from at least five speakers (with sub woofer support) positioned around the room.

Smart Automation can also recommend acoustic treatments to heighten and contain the surround effect, as well as the comfort of home cinema seating to complete the magical chemistry of home cinema immersion. The project can be as wide as your ambition, but the versatility of custom installation means that you can enjoy immersive room-filling pictures and sound without filling the room with gear. In living areas such as media room extensions and sitting rooms, a motorised cinema screen and projector can be specified, together with near-invisible in-wall/ceiling speakers. Even in dedicated cinema rooms, the most discreet, décor-friendly installation is a luxury customer option.

Immersive sound

Just like the sound systems built into commercial cinemas, a home cinema audio system comprises three speakers positioned around or behind the screen and carrying left, centre and right channel sound according to the original multi-channel film mix. These are joined by two surround speakers providing the surround sound for an enveloping sound effect,and a sub woofer which handles the bass or Low Frequency Effects (LFE) channel. This is the 5.1 configuration (five full range channels and a single bass channel) of sound formats such as Dolby Digital and DTS. Later versions of these formats – Dolby True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio – split the surround sound into four separate channels, adding side speakers in the process to create a 7.1 configuration. Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio are also designed to carry Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, the very latest surround sound formats, which add overhead sound for the most realistic surround effect. These new formats are created using an “object-based” technique which allows the studio engineer to place individual effects anywhere in the sound field. Dolby Atmos requires at least one pair of height speakers (either in-ceiling, or upward-firing Atmos-enabled speakers) for a 7.1.2 channel set-up, but the format can be extended to include, for instance, a further pair of height speakers for a 7.1.4 channel configuration. DTS:X on the other hand works with a regular surround sound speaker system and has no specific demand for dedicated height channels.

Immersive comfort & design

The seating element of every system is where the sensation of home cinema really begins! Most ranges have a modular format which allows the Smart Automation system to specify a straight, curved or tiered arrangement with the style and finish that meets your needs exactly.

Because every home is unique, so is the cinema within it. The design of your bespoke cinema room is an art form in itself, balancing aesthetics, high performance and environment in a precision-tuned unity that offers so much more than the sum of its parts.

When you’ve made your choices, Smart Automation will do the physics, calculating the precise location of the loudspeakers, screen and other elements according to industry standards so that every seat becomes the focus for a compelling chemistry of audio and video realism, raised to a life-like dimension by the magical experience of genuine home cinema. Far exceeding the largest TVs in the power to entertain, the immersive scale of home cinema will ensure you’re not just watching the story, you’re taking part in it.

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