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There are multiple devices and systems in the average home, from security to lighting to home entertainment and household appliances. Each one controlled by its own switch, App, remote control or motion sensor.

The problem? None of them are able to talk to each other to meet the needs and lifestyle demands of the property owner. The clever solution? Smart Automation.

Smart Automation makes it easy to control your home from anywhere with a touch. By combining everything, Smart Automation allows you to have total control of your security system, appliances, lights, entertainment, kids safety and more.

Home security

Our Security solutions work as one to keep you safe. The choice of panic buttons and alarms offer you more peace of mind in your smart home. A button next to your bed triggers a panic alarm where all the lights flash brightly, the blinds open and the siren can sound. Simultaneoulsly, an autonmatic call can be made to your emergency contact.

If you’re away on holiday, your home can mimic activity in your house, like blinds opening or lights turning on & off, so it looks like someone’s home. You can carefully budget your smart home system to make use of existing components like sensors that you already have fitted. You have them so why not incorporate them into your smart home? The Sart Automation home detects when you leave the house and activates your alarm automatically.

Family life

If it’s individual room control you’re after, we have flexible and fool-proof solutions for the entire family. Children’s curiosity can often lead to dangerous situations, but now keeping children safe is as easy as a tap. You can disable any switch or button they’ve played with, and turn off any equipment your teen has left on!

The ‘Goodnight’ function allows you to put your home in ‘sleep mode’, disconnecting all power guzzlers from the mains, turning lights off and replacing the loud door bell with a flashing light ensuring a peaceful nights’ sleep for your children.

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