Smart Automation seamlessly connects and controls your home with automation. We enable worldwide control over the electronic items in your property, making them more secure, efficient and eco-friendly.

What we offer

Smart Automation provides tailored solutions for any home, large or small. Control your lighting or your entire home – from zoned heating & temperature control of each room, together with a security system that can adapt to your lifestyle – Smart Automation can design a system for your property.

Keep all your standard light switches, but take more control by utilising touchscreens, iPad’s, iPhone’s, or conventional PC’s, with control from anywhere in the world. Systems are available to suit any requirement, any environment and any budget for residential or commercial. Please call for a free introductory discussion & budget proposal.

Why us

From inception to installation and ongoing support, we deliver simple to use, high performing solutions to our clients. On time and on budget. Smart Automation knows that you want a home solution that is intuitive, easy to understand & learn and effective. With a tap or swipe, our simple operation is a far cry from intimidating, complicated systems. We know smart homes. We know smart automation. It’s that simple.

All projects are carried out by our in-house team of designers, project managers, engineers and programmers. With our fully trained team to look after you every step of the way, we are well placed to serve your project whether large or small.

We believe in energy efficient properties

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Our systems

Our systems are based around the fantastic Loxone home automation system. In one simple and easy to use system, you have control over lighting, heating, security and audio.

Use your existing light switches around your home, as well as control it via touch screens & smart phones, creating more ambience. This enables better control and energy efficiency of all the lighting in your home. Underfloor heating and traditional radiators can be controlled with the use of electronic TRV’s (thermostatic radiator valves). Again, manual control is always available, but linking with a Loxone home automation system and providing sensors in each room enables precision control over the heating or cooling of your home. We also use the latest HD anywhere AV distribution equipment to enable all your home entertainment systems, SkyTV, Media players, music, security cameras, etc. to be centrally located so you can take control of them from any room in your home or office.